Was It Sexual Assault?

Hello readers. Today, in wake of all the sexual crimes being reported across this nation, I will be going over the qualifiers of if something is sexual assault. We’re seeing a lot of legitimate criminal rapists being prosecuted and outted right now, but we’re also seeing innocent men losing their livelihood in this latest man bashing craze. So, if you believe you may have been sexually assaulted, be sure to compare your situation to our list below to make sure you were sexually assaulted and not just a big baby. 

photography of woman s red lip
Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Did it Happen on the internet?  If you answered yes to this question chances are that what you experienced is not sexual assault.  There are some exceptions to this rule however. If someone sexually assaults you and posts it on the internet then it is still sexual assault. Constant sexual imagery being texted to you may also qualify, depending on the sexiness of the images. 

Did someone yell something at you on the street?  This is another case of something not being sexual assault.  Although sometimes these comments are rude, they are no more than that.  Yelling “Nice cans Broadzilla!” at a passing woman just makes you an asshole and not a sexual predator.

Did someone look at you in a sexually deviant manner?  This is another telltale example of a creepy act that is not sexual assault.  Someone undressing you with their eyes can be unsettling, especially if unwanted and no words are exchanged, but it’s far from sexual assault.  This even applies to situations on public transit or on the streets.

Did someone pay you a compliment that you found in bad taste?  This is a tough one to address but when we look closely it’s clearly not sexual assault.  Someone being socially awkward, crass or just bad with the opposite sex does not make them a sexual assailant.

Did you receive an unwanted, unasked for picture of genitalia? Since you were forced to witness something you did not wish to see, this definitely constitutes as sexual harassment, if not a worse crime. Consult an attorney or talk to a friend who watches a lot of Law & Order.

Did someone touch you in a sexually explicit and unwanted manner without your consent?  If this is the case you have been sexually assaulted and you should most certainly contact the authorities immediately.

I hope this was helpful for you apes out there.


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