Top 3 Sites for Customizable Flasks

So, you think of yourself as quite the drinker do you? Spend a lot of time bragging about how much abuse your liver can take? Prefer vodka to water and whiskey to apple juice?  Ever get mad at places for not serving liquor? Here’s an even more important question: can you prove your love of alcohol without demonstrating your ability to drink it in ludicrous amounts?

If you answered yes to all those questions, but are unsure of a hearty “fuck yea” on that last question, you need a customizable flask ASAP. You see, when you have an engraved flask, people just know you drink a lot and just as important, can handle your alcohol. A cheap flask from Wal-Mart will make you appear as if you are nothing but a cheapskate who shops at the aforementioned hellhole, while a customized flask can make you seem like a boozehound of the finest standards. So here, compiled in no particular order, are the top 3 sites which you can order a flask as classy as Frank Sinatra songs.


E flasks is great, there are no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. From leather flasks to custom engravings to even custom photos, there is very little eflasks can’t do. Their leather flasks are especially intriguing, and the fact they have gift sets, flasks specifically for men and flasks specifically for women makes shopping easy peasy. They even have a stainless steel flask/cigarette case! Perfect for the person in your life who can’t stop constantly killing themself slowly.

For All Gifts

For All Gifts doesn’t just have customizable flasks, but a variety of other gifts such as mason jars, flashlights and even wishing stones (?). As far as flasks though, they offer a wide variety of some of the highest quality flasks one can imagine, including some particularly handsome rosewood devices perfect for hiding your favorite poison. has everything you can imagine, and then some. From rhinestone encrusted flasks to those adorned in animal print, you can get lost in the variety of options this site offers for hours. What’s unique about this site is they also offer wholesale prices on flasks as well as some of the cheapest options on the internet. Perfect for someone who sips on Popov to save money.

drink beer cheers toast
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And that’s about it folks, hope this list was useful, and drink responsibly.



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