Despite What Vocativ Suggests, It’s Perfectly Reasonable to Viciously Beat Prostitutes Who Lie About Their Genitalia & Won’t Offer a Refund

I saw something horrifying this morning while browsing through the most rage inducing website I continually put myself through for some unknown reason, Facebook. Well, to be fair, I see horrifying things which summon mighty rage fits every single time when perusing Facebook (which is why my constant returns are a mystery), but today, it was a little worse than normal.

Vocativ used to be a decent house of journalism; decent might even be an understatement. Back in 2015, they were the first publication to prove the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris was linked to ISIS. The company utilizes data mining tech to scour the internet to help with their reporting, and in doing so, found images of ISIS sponsored billboards describing how the “perfect woman” should act (spoiler alert: it isn’t free, liberated and happy). It’s 2014 documentary on “The Tower of David”, a slum housing project in Venezuela ran by their government which lacked functioning electricity, running water, elevators, and other necessities, won awards, as it should have. With my hatred for religious extremism and governmental corruption, these guys were a-okay in my book.

In other words, this particular news group really wasn’t my on radar of things to avoid until today. Maybe that is partly due to my ignorance of their more recent content, as they most certainly had some journalistic integrity up to some point. Before I unleash all the screaming voices inside my head who got way too upset about one of their latest videos, let me first ask you a few questions.

What would you do if you went to a steakhouse, and instead of your sixty dollar steak you just bought, they bring you a few cans of tuna? When you ask for your money back, because you want to refuse the plate of food in front of you, the management tells you no, eat the tuna or just leave but your money is gone. Would you eat the tuna? Would you just leave? Would you call the police? Would you attack the people with your money to get it back?

How you would respond probably says a lot about you as a person, such as whether or not you are bitch made, a snitch, have an uncontrollable tuna addiction, or you’re someone who stands up for themselves. Me personally, I’m going to fight for my money. I love steak to the point where I regularly drive three hours just to eat them in New Orleans, where they are prepared marvelously in locations such as Doris Metropolitan, The Rib Room, and Dickie Brennan’s. I’ll pay for steaks I can’t afford and suffer the consequences for weeks to come, because the memory of eating that delicious meat is worth suffering any sort of financial setbacks. But my decision to fight would be fueled by more than just the  money, it’s pride. Do you like yourself enough to make sure you get what you purchase? Do you respect yourself enough to not let people bully you, or to let thieves steal from you? If you don’t you should.

Now another quick tidbit of information for you, the reader; I’ve had sex with trans women. I’ve looked at their porn. I think it’s hot to watch a sexy woman fool around with an attractive and feminine trans woman. I’m a freak, a sex addict, and I have no shame about this. A lot of people have tried to make me feel embarrassed, shameful, full of sin or even stupid for these choices, but those people don’t have as good of dinner party stories as I do, so I really could care less about their opinions. As I’ve always said, life is just a collection of dinner party stories, and if yours suck, so did your life.

That sexual admission might have seemed off topic, but I wanted everyone reading this to get an idea of the person who is writing this. I don’t have hate for people in my heart due to what they are. I don’t care if you’re a gay black male, a lesbian latina, a white trans woman or an asian trans man. It literally makes no difference to me your ethnic background, sexual identity, or sexual preference. I mean, that’s sort of a lie; I would prefer it if every man in the world turned gay tomorrow, because with that many horny, disappointed women out there, it would greatly increase the amount of orgies I hold a month. But if we’re not talking about selfish, unrealistic sexual fantasies, I could care less about a person’s identity.

Why are these facts about myself important? Because I am not a bigot. I don’t want to see people being discriminated against due to what they are. I would like to see a shift where we judge people based on their actions. Liars, cheaters, and bullies, these are the folks I want to be publicly shamed, embarrassed and inconvenienced. If we were a behavior based society, behavior would be important. Sadly, we aren’t, but that’s an article for another time.

So, let’s (finally) get to what has got my panties in such a bunch. Vocativ recently released a video featuring footage of a Lebanese man laying a rather weak beatdown onto a trans woman. Nobody stops to help or gets involved, and the man continues to (barely) assault the woman until the video ends. With no context, this is a pretty bad thing to not just witness, but to have happened. Unprovoked attacks against anyone, trans or not, are disgusting, and doubly morally reprehensible when the victim is assailed by a stronger perpetrator. However, I didn’t even have to research what triggered this (not so) vicious assault, as Vocativ was thoughtful enough to include that in the video. Apparently, according to them anyway, the man had paid the trans woman (and her trans woman friend) for sex, despite being led to believe that he was purchasing sex from biological women. Oddly enough, the trans woman was still portrayed as the victim by the news agency.

Imagine you are a gay man who walks into a gay strip club, but all the male dancers are female impersonators of men. Would it matter to you how buff their chests were if they were meatless? The dude is a ripped stud, but Buck Angel isn’t a fantasy that most gay men have.

Like I covered previously, I love steak. Adore it even. I can only think of 3 human beings I love more than steak to be honest. But if I was craving a salad, and I was brought a steak, I wouldn’t think it a miracle, but an inconvenience, or possibly even a sign of disrespect. So, to think a man expecting to see vagina is going to be in a good mood when he sees a penis is a bit silly, because any other bait and switch would elicit a negative reaction.

The man didn’t immediately start beating up the trans woman though. He didn’t see penis and immediately freak out in a violent outburst, no, not even close. He merely requested his money back, so he could spend it on a prostitute(s) with the genitalia he was craving. It was at this time the trans women told their john no. His request for a refund was denied. Maybe it was his lack or receipt? Regardless, it was around this moment when the man turned violent, slapping and pinning the woman to the ground while demanding she return his (possibly) hard earned money. Perhaps the man was just weak (although probably not as he had no problem handling the lying trans woman prostitute), but his beating was rather light, and seemed (from my point of view) that he was trying to get his money back moreso than cripple the girl. Normally, a man punches those he wants to brutally destroy, and he slaps those he is attempting to teach a lesson to. This is an assumption on my part, but what isn’t an assumption is why the man attacked.

He attacked because he was a victim of a shady businessperson. He attacked because after calling out a whore on having a cock when she claimed to have a pussy, his money was not returned. He attacked because he was lied to and because he was stolen from. He reacted the way most of us would react is we were stolen from; with retribution. Yet, Vocativ doesn’t see it that way. They don’t see a lying whore getting her comeuppance for being a lying whore. They see a hate crime. They see a woman being attacked because she is trans. And while that is technically true, if she was doing anything besides selling a vagina she doesn’t have this man would not have beat her. Is it possible that she has experienced legitimate discrimination in her life? Absolutely! In fact, I’d wager a rather large sum that she has. However, suggesting this incident qualifies as legitimate discrimination is as laughable as a Would U Rather!?! episode.

I don’t understand if Vocativ is trying to normalize prostitution within the trans community, or if they have sympathy for lying prostitutes from all the time members of the news group spend with lying prostitutes. I don’t understand anything about the video or post, except what happened. Perhaps Vocativ is trying to divide people and create controversy online. I don’t know. I just know that when someone lies to you, when someone bait and switches you, standing up for yourself is always the right choice.


Two trans women, posing as real women, prostitute themselves to a man without telling him they have male genitalia. Man attacks trans woman to attempt to get his money back.

THIS IS NOT AN EXAMPLE OF THE HORRORS THE TRANS COMMUNITY GOES THROUGH. Suggesting that lying whores (if you charge people for sex and try and fool them about your genitalia, you are definitely a lying whore) shouldn’t be treated like lying whores, and if they are treated like lying whores, it is because they are trans and not a lying whore is beyond foolish, it is harmful.

Let’s start classifying hate as hate, and people trying to get their money back because they thought they were buying pussy and not asspussy as peopel trying to get their money back because they thought they were buying pussy and not asspussy.

People can say there is no liberal media pushing our society into all sorts of ridiculous directions all you want, but this was a video attempting to shame people for believing it is morally wrong to pose as the opposite gender and prostitute yourself.


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