The Dangers of Entitlement: Why Media Outlets Give Credibility to Lowest Common Denominator Thought Patterns

I’ve noticed a trend amongst people throughout my travels in this world, one that I know for certain isn’t new or born during this era. People, not all of them, but a staggering amount, believe they are entitled to what they want, when they want, regardless of anything. There’s a little voice in their head telling themselves that every ludicrous demand their brain conceives is more important than any other person’s thoughts/feelings/property/well-being/etc.  They have the attitude of that evil Englishman from the beginning of Braveheart who just had to bone that Scottish guy’s wife on their wedding night. They have the facial expressions, mannerisms and thought patterns of a stereotypical spoiled Beverly Hills housewife; the world owes them whatever they want, and not for any other reason than they want it. This entitlement has stretched across all I can see within my country (The good ol’ USofA, if ya didn’t know). I could point to any group from liberals to conservatives, the religious, atheists; even wanna be rappers from hoods all across this nation to middle class whitey, everybody reeks of a self righteousness that knows no bounds. I reiterate this isn’t applicable to every single person; this by no means is a misanthropic rambling, but far too many individuals within each and every grouping of people, from ethnic to socioeconomic to even self-imposed labels such as Juggalo or punk rocker, only care of their own desires. I’m going to come back to this point, about how every group has individuals who are afflicted with a narcissistic disposition, but I should probably prove a couple points first.

Hate filled narcissists will use an individual being outside of their group as an excuse to fulfill desires only a hate filled narcissist would want to experience. If you research it, Muslims have slaughtered people of other religions simply because they didn’t have the same faith. If you research it,  Christians have slaughtered people of other religions simply because they didn’t have the same faith. If you research it, Hindus have slaughtered people of other religions simply because they didn’t have the same faith. If you research it, Jews have slaughtered people of other religions simply because they didn’t have the same faith. Going beyond modern times, people in the old world just as readily killed for their own Gods, and even provided (sometimes virgin) sacrifices to these beings. But at the same time, if you research it, you can find Muslims who have gone out of their way to help people of other faiths, simply because they believe their God is full of love. If you research it, Christians and Jews and Hindus and individuals from every religious grouping have committed acts of violence and acts of kindness based on their interpretation of their God.

If you doubt any of what was written in the above paragraph, please by all means get on your Google machine and research it before reading onward, but I’m going to assume that most every person reading this can agree that some people have good in their heart, and others have hate. Is it possible for a loving heart to be corrupted, or vice versa? Absolutely, which is why I’m not a proponent for genocide; even if one individual group could be labeled the absolute worst, there are bound to be individuals born within that group who do not share its ideology internally, only externally out of fear, and therefore would be of more use to society in a free state of being than certain individuals from other groupings which may not statistically be as violent/detrimental to society/rapey.

Let me mention something else really quick. Totalitarian regimes rules out of fear. Public executions, constant propaganda, those sorts of things make humans malleable. Since the vast majority of people are susceptible to doing what they have to do survive, totalitarian regimes know they don’t need people to internally agree with their government, but just be too afraid to be caught showing that displeasure in their surroundings. While many of us would debate what qualifies as a totalitarian regime, we can all agree that fascist controlled governments use fear to their advantage.

Which is what we are seeing in The United States of America currently, but in a different state that what is typically thought of. Without pointing fingers at any country in particular, a fascist regime, stereotypically, controls all of its media outlets, from film to television to radio and especially the news. Nationalism is pushed in many forms in these countries, some far more subtle than others. Now where I live, there has been a long time role reversal; the media themselves set the tone for their own productions, and it is generally the politicians who follow their lead. It is the politician attempting a payday by garnering talk show appearances, positive book reviews and as much news coverage as humanly possible by appeasing the media elite’s, as opposed to the government stepping in and telling the media what to portray and who to praise or  decry.

From reading history books, I don’t believe things always used to be this way in the USA; but I’m only in my mid thirties so what do I know? If there was a shift of control between the media and the government, I’m not sure when it happened. And I don’t want to give the impression that the media actually controls the government, as in dictates policy or anything that drastic. No, their control extends to influence. It is an incredibly small majority who doesn’t enjoy some form of media to the point of almost calling it a hobby. From music buffs to fans of cinema, from athletes to gamers, from those who can’t wait for the next episode of their favorite television show to drop to those who prefer nothing more than a night at the theater, only a tiny fraction of this nation are immune from the media’s all encompassing grasp. While many of us cling to counter culture products to show our disdain for society in general, a good chunk of those counter culture groups work directly within the system they claim to be against. If a man were to buy a “Cena Sucks” t-shirt to show the WWE his displeasure at John Cena being pushed, does Vince McMahon, who just made profit, care that that man believes John Cena to suck? In a similar vein, how is the machine being raged against buying a Rage Against The Machine t-shirt at the local Hot Topic?

I want you to really think about that wrestling analogy for a second, because I’m going to expand on it. If Vince McMahon can make money selling “Cena Sucks” t-shirts, does he care if his product makes people happy, or does he care if people tune into his product? Hate is a powerful motivator, and if The WWE can somehow convince to spend their money on the chance to chant, or wave signs, or buy overpriced t-shirts telling Vince McMahon his product sucks, The WWE will, because it needs tickets sold to the next event and pronto. It doesn’t matter how the tickets are sold, as long as they are sold. Vince McMahon has made booing his product fun for the audience, because sometimes, for some people, hate can be more relaxing than love.

Now let us switch gears and talk about the news media in the United States. We have a large number of people taking their information and mimicking the belief systems of the liberal news media, while we have a roughly equally large number of people taking their information and mimicking the belief systems of the conservative news media. The leftist news media despises the right-wing networks, and of course the hatred extends both ways. But when the heads of both networks attend the same country clubs, the same charity functions, the same awards ceremonies, one has to wonder, are they playing us?  Obviously I believe the answer to be yes. They urge us to hate each other, because it gives them ratings. Ratings equals influence and money, two things that are a tad bit addictive to many personality types. But they don’t hate each other; they don’t participate in the same sort of violence they want us to commit.

I’ve never seen Ice Cube punch a man. I’ve seen him whine to Bill Maher for using a word, but then I’ve heard his music where he encourages people to use illegal guns for illegal means and that if you say anything to him he doesn’t like, his fists will be the cure for his displeasure. Ben Shapiro uses his lawyer abilities to incite rage at colleges for views on his YouTube channel, not fight for injustices within the court system like the main character of a courtroom drama tv show that’d only last a season or two before getting cancelled. There’s big money in exploiting people’s fears and insecurities, because the fearful, insecure man is a desperate man. Desperate for peace, desperate for happiness, desperate for self-esteem. A desperate man is an emotional man, one void of logic and reasoning. Who is going to think more clearly during a debate about gun violence: a firearm expert or a shooting victim? Who is going to think less clearly when driving: someone with a clean driving record or someone who has just involved in a motor collision where another motorist and/or passenger died?

We both know the answer to those questions, but it is one that makes us uncomfortable to admit. To go back a bit, why would Ice Cube encourage gang violence amongst our youth but not partake in it himself? Why would the media dump millions into advertising revenue to make sure his messages of misogyny, division and murder? Was it because gangsta rap can make a human feel tougher/more of a man? Partly, yes. Was it because encouraging gang lifestyles in urban areas helped keep the prison industrial complex alive/keep poor communities poor/limit ethnic voters by encouraging felonious behavior? Partly, yes. Many other reasons too. One of the most deliberate weapons that has been used against the American people is gangsta rap/trap music, and while I know for a fact reading that very sentence will cause many of you to assume I’m a racist, why didn’t the rich Jews and rich white men who financed the mass marketing of gangsta rap put that same money into hip-hop instead? Why wasn’t the music being produced laden with messages of hope, unity and brotherhood? There was, and still is, plenty of music that falls under this category, yet there are those who are investing their hard earned money in ads (and other marketing techniques) to make that philanthropic style of rhyming far less popular than it’s violent brethren. Clearly, long-term financial security is being considered. For the elite who control the world around us, better the plebs spend all their money on entertainment and the expensive clothes the culture of said music demands one purchases, as well as drugs/alcohol/strippers instead of buying businesses in your own community and beyond.

I might sound a bit like an old white man from the south, complaining how rap music is poisoning our minds and the minds of our youth, but it is. Rap music is normalizing obscene behavior. Like most the media is nowadays. Look at video games, for example. In the early 1990’s, games which made people use their brain’s were popular. Mario was king, but on consoles role-playing games had kids (and adults) actually reading, and on the computer front, adventure games had us humans racking our minds to solve the various puzzles games like King’s Quest or Myst or Freddy Pharkus: Frontier Pharmacist would constantly throw at us. Yes, there were more simple games; Wolfenstein 3d and DOOM had gamers hooked from the get-go and never let go. To the point where in 2018, the most heavily marketed video games have (mostly children) running around, hurling cuss words and shooting everything in sight. If you never have, spend some time playing Call of Duty online, and see what America’s youth is up to, and what goes through their minds (it will be equal parts enlightening and terrifying). I’m not trying to say that “smart” games aren’t still made, but the more heavily marketed RPG’s are chock full of voice actors, and choose your own path storybooks have taken over as inspiration for many adventure games. Call me crazy, but a game which challenges a person to read information and dismantle it to move forward seems a much more mentally stimulating task than following arrows to your next destination. I remember having to use a map to make it around certain video games from the past. Maybe I’m just a cranky old man, and there’s a distinct possibility I sound like an old grandpa who just doesn’t get “it” anymore. Or maybe I see a direct correlation between the media constantly lobbing softballs at the American public and the American public losing their ability to swing the bat the way they used to.

This could be a symptom of our overly addicted state, but let us analyze for a moment the increased amount of both vicariously living through those on our screens and  celebrity worship featured on television. Reality shows are king, and whether it’s celebrities dancing or choosing which one of us plebs has the best singing voice or watching some “regular” rich guy/gal/couple get their dream automobile/house/boat/fish-tank built by experts most of us could never afford, a large chunk of the U.S. population watches them religiously. This sort of programming put into our conscious collective accomplishes two things: the sense of entitlement the moneyed elites on these shows rubs off on the lower class viewers who are desperate to better themselves financially and not feel like substandard citizens, and it keeps us forever wanting more. For most people, the more you want, the more you’re either going to work for it (which helps the system by putting more money into it) or you’re going to get incredibly hopeless and depressed (which keeps people buying alcohol/cigarettes/fattening foods as well as keeping them on their butts not accomplishing anything) .

To get back to individual entitlement, more evil based human beings often cling to their base group (generally religious or ethnic) when called out on behavior that is unbecoming. Just browsing through social media this morning, I’ve seen people blame their misfortunes on their skin color (just today alone I’ve seen black and white people do this), their religion, their gender, or anything other defining factor an individual can use to appear more righteous. A Muslim who beats his wife may blame people for not understanding his religion, a black man not complying with police may cite fear for his life due to the color of his skin, and a woman may blame misogyny for any perceived lack of respect. People believe they should be treated however they want, without the way they are treating the world around them being taken in as a factor. We’ve all met a woman who wears a low cut shirt but gets mad for staring at her breasts. We’ve all seen videos where people don’t comply with police officers because they don’t believe they should have to/don’t believe they did anything wrong. Many times, these people are breaking actual laws, but just don’t care. To themselves, what they are doing is of no importance, but what is being done to them is a travesty the whole world should be outraged by. People have this mentality for two reasons: human beings are pretty stupid and they’ve been raised to believe this is okay. From the music they listen to, from the tv and movies they watch, from the politicians who create laws punishing parents for disciplining their children, the elites of our society have gone out of their way make a victim mentality the norm, to such an extreme where logical thought about being responsible for one’s actions is considered abuse. If there are laws in place protecting children from being punished by a spanking, and therefore learning there can be physical consequences to their actions, while media is simultaneously encouraging children to do drugs and commit violent crimes, how are most of our children supposed to grow up to be anything except a thug?

We are all inherently selfish. Even those of you who might agree with me on the various points I’ve made, you still, more likely than not, have more emotions triggered thinking about a poorly cooked burger a fast food eatery served you than the fact there are children being raped right this very second. It doesn’t matter when you read this either, the above sentence is still true; there isn’t a moment which exists where a child isn’t being raped somewhere on this planet. This is precisely why those who control things have such an easy time playing their mind games; they are stoking the flames of a fire that was started within all of our soul’s. It’s much easier to train a dog to act like a dog, or to train a cat to act like a cat, than it is to train a cat to act like a dog or vice versa. In this sense, those who control us are doing the easier option, making us dumber, more hate filled, more depressed, more violent, and more compliant to their wishes. They are doing this for their own survival too, that is the truly ironic thing. The more of us who rise above our own human idiocy, the more competition the elite amongst us will have. Keeping us stupid isn’t some power trip they participate in for shits and giggles, no. Their very existence, the luxuries which they take for granted, and preserved by our entitlement. The angrier we get about what we want, the less likely we are to get it, and the more of “it” there is to share at the top. But like I enjoy saying, “United they stand, divided we slave away”. Maybe I’m just paranoid, or maybe David Letterman and Bill O’Reilly have been apart of the same bowling league. Maybe I’m just paranoid, or maybe the Trump’s and the Clinton’s have been friends for decades. Considering I think most of my friends are feigning liking me just to get close to me and drive me to suicide, I’m most definitely paranoid, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong about this other stuff either.


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