5 Places to Practice Flirting Without Having Your Failure Follow You Around Town

To me, the most difficult part about becoming excellent at flirting is finding a suitable practice ground. Once you get to a certain level of comfortability, you realize opportunity is everywhere and nearly every social interaction you have with someone of a gender you are attracted to becomes a “sparring partner”, as it were, but reaching that level can often be difficult for many people. I hear all the time from individuals who would attempt to flirt at their job/school/etc but are too afraid to seem like an inept loser or even worse, a creepy pervert. If you’re in desperate need of upping your flirt game but don’t know where to go put in the work, this list will cure what ails ya.

  1. Get out of town:
    This may seem obvious, but how often do we all overlook the obvious answer due to ignorance and/or anxiety? The beauty of going out of town, even if it is just a town/city/suburb or two away, is nobody knows you! You can try and pick up lines you want, you can attempt any small talk that pops into your brain, do these things wherever you want and make note of your success/failure without having to worry that that girl you creeped out at the coffee shop or that waitress you completely offended actually is the new girl in the office/just moved down the hall from your apartment. When you can regularly get invited back to a person’s home or get someone to travel to a hotel room with you while in out of town, you know you are more than ready to begin practicing within your own community.
  2. Gas Stations:
    I’m sure you are saying “Huh” to this one, but hear me out. Gas station attendants interact with more people in any given day than most of us do in a week. The never ending stream of customers needing gas/soda/cigarettes/lottery tickets/candy/chips/etc can be mind numbing to gas station attendants, who after a while don’t even register most of the facts which approach them. If you can make a cashier at a gas station genuinely laugh in the limited amount of time your transaction, you know you are getting good. If you can’t, well, they see so many people a day, they aren’t going to remember you and your boring small talk. If a person fails to elicit interest in someone they are flirting with but that person they are flirting with doesn’t remember, did rejection actually happen?
  3. ANYWHERE There is an Old Lady:
    The horniest people I’ve ever met, generally speaking, are old ladies. I dunno why, but they just are. Maybe they are at the point in their life where they feel as if they can say anything they want, and with a lifetime of holding back their true thoughts in order to be perceived as proper, let loose with their sexuality like an Amish kid being sent into the world for their first time. In fact, I’d wager this is why, but maybe there is some hormonal issue I’m not aware of contributing to this as well; I’m not a medical doctor, I wouldn’t know. I do know, however, that old ladies love to flirt. They’ll flirt with men, they’ll flirt with women, they’ll flirt with the fat and the thin and the ugly and the handsome. Any person who gives them any sort of attention is sure to receive some flirtatious compliments from a lot of old ladies, and that is great! Wisdom comes with age, practice makes perfect, whatever saying you enjoy using, it is applicable in this instance, as old ladies will expertly make sexual innuendo out of seemingly impossible statements.

    woman wearing gray scarf and gray coat near group of people
    Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
  4. Somewhere Where You Can Play Dress-Up:
    There are places you can go where you aren’t going to dress like yourself. For example, country western bars, or goth bars, or even Juggalo themed concerts are all places where you can dress up and be someone entirely unrecognizable on a day that isn’t Halloween, and nobody will be the wiser. While talking to people who have interests that greatly vary from your own may seem intimidating (this is assuming you aren’t into country-western/goth/Juggalo culture), at the end of the day, people are people and if you can get good enough to chit-chatting with attractive strangers where you’re fooling and entertaining the people who live whatever lifestyle it is you’re infiltrating, you know that the practice has been paying off.
  5. Online Video Games:
    More and more ladies are playing video games, and it is already a world swarming with dudes, so why not use this to your advantage? Practice flirting with the people on your team, or the people in the lobby of a more 1 VS ALL sort of game. If you can survive war, or a zombie apocalypse, while still making someone smile through your wit, humor and innuendo, you know that being a flirt is becoming a natural state for you. I suggest a game like Left 4 Dead or Vermintide, where you’ll be stuck with your team for at least an hour. If you can’t think of anything clever to  say during an entire campaign of Left 4 Dead, you aren’t trying hard enough or your nerves are getting the best of you.Well, that’s the list. What are you doing still reading this article? Go out there and practice!

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